Infinitive mit oder ohne to

Bei den folgenden Übungen geht es um die Frage, ob ein Verb oder ein Ausdruck von einem Infinitiv mit oder ohne to gefolgt wird

  1. His little boy learns ... .
    to read

  2. They want to go to the cinema.
    to go

  3. Would you like to go now?
    to go

  4. I hope they let him (1) early as we want (2) to the theatre.
    (1) to go, (2) to go
    (1) to go, (2) go
    (1) go, (2) to go

  5. I want you (1) an email to my private address.
    (1) to send
    (1) send
    (1) sending

  6. You seem ... the area very well.
    to know

  7. "It is better (1) violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than (2) on the cloak of nonviolence (3) impotence." (Mahatma Gandhi)
    (1) to be, (2) to put, (3) to cover
    (1) to be, (2) put, (3) to cover
    (1) be, (2) to put, (3) to cover